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why hire a CCtv installer

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

why its better to hire a pro to install your cctv

CCTV Installer Townsville security cameras

There are many factors to consider when making the decision to install your CCTV system yourself or engaging a professional. But it really comes down to one thing..... risk.

Risk of injury

By having a CCTV installer setup your system you don't expose yourself to physical risk. Installation of cameras requires working on ladders and in ceiling spaces. If you are not physically fit and take the proper precautions a fall through a ceiling or off a ladder could result in serious injury. Installing equipment also involves drilling holes in walls and ceilings, both could be hazardous and expensive if you drill into a power or communications cable or pipe.

CCTV Installer Townsville

risk of mistakes

chances are, installing a CCTV system is not a task the average person would do on a regular basis. Unfortunately making a mistake whilst installing your CCTV can be costly both in time and materials or money. Drilling holes and mounting cameras incorrectly are costly mistakes taking time to go back and do the work again. Professionals benefit from previous experiences on multiple job sites and installations and can have a better idea of the optimum camera locations and mounting methods etc.

Risk of poor quality equipment

CCTV systems available to the general public are focused on price primarily and are often inferior to products that a professional CCTV installer will have access to. CCTV installers will also have a wider range of cameras and systems that perform specific purposes and can best select products for a the installation. are happy to help with any questions or give advice if you are looking to install your own CCTV system as well as any other questions about security alarms.


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