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best wireless security camera systems 2023

With the number of retail grade systems available to the consumer its easy to get lost.

best wireless security systems 2023

The title may seem misleading, but in this professionals honest opinion; all wireless security share the same problems. The best would only be subject to those problems lesser than its rivals.

Cabled systems are the only way to achieve reliable results and here is 5 reasons why.

#1 Wireless systems need batteries

Small re-chargeable batteries housed inside individual cameras will eventually require replacing or if they fail and leak will destroy the camera from the inside, what type are these batteries? how do you replace them? Are they readily available for purchase at a low cost? These are all important to determine before getting a wireless system.

#2 Wireless systems need battery re-charging

This generally involves some poor bloke getting on a ladder periodically to recharge a camera battery. How often depends on the workload of the camera and its ability to screen out unwanted motion activation by animals or plants etc.

#3 No constant recording

This requires amounts of power and storage that are not generally practical or available on wireless systems which are reliant on motion activated record functions to preserve battery power and storage space.

#4 Subscription and Cloud fees

Probably the biggest pain, is after all these problems listed above you have to fork out for an ongoing subscription or cloud storage fee. Just crazy stuff.

#5 It will most likely get it replaced with a cabled system.

As a professional installer a large percentage of my work is replacing retail grade wireless systems that don't perform and end up costing much more in the long term.


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