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are security cameras worth it?

are security cameras worth it

3 Reasons why security cameras are worth it.

Many people have no idea how far Security Systems have developed, in terms of functionality and capability so it makes sense to re evaluate the importance of investing in a reliable security system.

1 Passive visual Deterrence

Property crime is most often opportunistic, criminals will observe a target or opportunity of potential value (your house or business) and judge whether its worth attempting to steal from or break into. If your house or business has cameras, he is likely to go to your neighbours that does not have a visible security system.

2 active deterrence

Many cameras today have alarm sirens or light functionality within the camera, advanced systems have fully integrated alarm functions that can be used with commercial grade sirens. Active deterrence is what disrupts clandestine criminal behavior and alerts those in the area.

3 peace of mind

To secure something means ultimately control it, if its your house or business you need to control who enters it and for what reason. To do so without a security system would require you to be there 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Without a security system you would have no idea of events transpiring when you were away. There are many ancillory benefits of a reliable security system for residences or businesses not related to security for example, checking to see if gates are closed or sprinkler systems working, or especially if you receive packages in the mail you can verify if or when things are delivered.

Its hard to put a monetary value these benefits, but imagine if you said to someone even just 20 yrs ago, that at anytime of the day or night no matter where you were in the world you could look at your phone in your pocket and see what was happening real time, at your house or business and receive alerts on human movement as well. They would think its some type of magic sorcery.


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