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security camera installer

Security Cameras Townsville are specialists in CCTV based alarm systems that use AI technology to determine human movement and trigger an alert to a smart phone and / or alarm by a siren. This provides 2 security system functions in one package saving install costs and monthly monitoring fees. If you are looking to get a security system installed whether it be a traditional alarm system with back to base monitoring or a self monitored CCTV Based alarm system contact us for a rapid quote.

Benefits of cctv

The capability to remotely monitor your home

Installing CCTV at key locations throughout your Townsville property will enable you to do whatever you want, whether you want to watch over the perimeter of the home or keep an eye on your children or pets while you are away. In the event that you hear a strange noise, you can always view the camera footage on your device whenever you want.

Keep a log of everything that occurs around your home.

The CCTV camera footage can be important in helping to comprehend what happened and in identifying trespassers or criminals on the property in the event of an unfortunate occurrence or break-in at your home or nearby. Additionally, the video can be used as trustworthy evidence in court to convict perpetrators.

Long-term investment in safety

Installations of CCTV cameras can be viewed as a one-time yet long-term investment in safety.  They require very little care. After installation, you may relax knowing that your family's and home's long-term security is being monitored. Having CCTV installations in Townsville also has the added benefit of lowering your insurance costs because it will be noted as a safer property.

Get in touch today. We are a supplier that offers sales and customised CCTV installations in Townsville. 

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