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CCTV Dire Home Alarm security system


Home Security Cameras & Systems


Alarm installation at your home or business can be a great way to help protect your most valuable assets. As a standard offer Townsville Security Cameras will conduct works after hours at your place of business so there is no disruption to customers or staff during trading hours. This is a standard offer at no extra cost. This is one the many things that other security installation businesses do not offer. This means you can have your security system operational faster at a lower cost.

The Bosch 6000 security system has superior usability to other systems and makes it the leading model of security system on the market. For alarm system installation in Townsville, whether home or small business, contact us. 

  • There is no substitute for a reliable security alarm in the home or business. 

  • All installation work is done after hours so as to not disrupt normal trading at small businesses at no additional cost.

  • Bosch 6000 Systems are the best security alarm available on the market and we can commence installation with no money down!

Advantages of Installing Security Cameras 
  • Unwanted visitors are less likely to break into a house or business when CCTV is installed.

  • It provides 24/7 monitoring so you can watch the property throughout the day.

  • Not only can video surveillance cameras help respond to an incident, but they can also be effective in averting one in the first place. They also provide evidence of break-ins.

  • Alarms can frighten off intruders and warn you of any unauthorised entry.

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