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where to put security cameras around your home

The options are limited only by your creativity and forethought. Here is 5 tips for the diy guy.

where to put security cameras around your home

#1 Correct height

With the use of the eyeball/turret or vandal proof model cameras you can place them in positions with less risk of being bumped out of alignment. It is also beneficial for cameras using AI detection functions to be given the best opportunity to assess movement as human or non human, therefore about 2m is high is generally pretty good minimum height to work with. Retail environments need cameras to be out of reach at all times, residential situations do not require this.

#2 Likely Entry points

Most property crime is opportunistic and criminals are normally looking for the easiest way to enter and exit a building undetected. Therefore doors are usually prime targets especially garage entrances.

#3 Letter box or parcel box

Just a convenience factor mostly, you can check what gets delivered when and detter theft on parcels that have been delivered.

#4 street coverage

If you have the number of cameras to use, a camera positioned high looking down a residential street is often valuable to determine events prior to break in or event eg a suspicious vehicle doing recon on potential targets.

#5 Children's play areas or pets areas.

Always handy to have a camera to maintain a watch on kids when your watching TV you can glance up at a monitor or look on you phone, its great. Maybe you have a very intricate and complex reef aquarium you need to keep an eye on water pumps etc, cameras serve secondary purposes as well as the backbone of a home security system.


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